A penny saved is a penny earned…even if that penny is covered in poo.


Jamison will be 5 weeks old tomorrow, which means I’ve been cloth diapering for about 3 weeks….which also means I’m basically an expert at this point. Right?

Well, the topic has come up at many-a-social-gathering so I thought I’d talk a little on the subject.

We waited about two weeks to start using cloth because it was foreign to us and we had enough newness to be caught up worrying about “Is it cold rinse or hot rinse? and When do I put in the detergent???”  Plus, we waited til the 8th day to circumcise and we wanted him to be all healed up because you can’t let many other products like neosporin, vaseline or what not get on the cloth or it won’t absorb so well.

When it came to our choice to do this, many of our family and friends were less than encouraging, no surprise there.  Yes, I know you can get cheapo off-brand diapers and not spend $$$ every week. But I would rather save even that $20 I would’ve spent on diapers and go out to lunch OR buy something cute at Target OR go to the Zoo. Besides I’m not making any of those people change the dirty diapers anyway so secretly I think they are jealous…hee hee!

Much to my surprise its actually super easy!  Cloth diapering verbage can be pretty confusing for anyone outside of the cult  game. But basically we use the “pocket” ones, those work just like normal disposable diapers, as in you change the entire diaper each time and start fresh. I love them at night because the insert that you place inside the pocket does a great job of pulling the moisture from his skin. They make SUPER cute ones too!!

We also use Prefolds with a waterproof (grossproof) cover.  I use these mostly at home because right now I only have two covers.  You can use the same cover all the day long until that precious little one explodes his “preciousness” all over the cover itself and it needs to be washed.  Not a huge fan of using them out and about because while one might assume that preciousness wouldn’t become a huge mess more than TWICE in one day’s outings, it has happened and I was left without a cover…EEK!  You can use the prefolds the old-school way too, but they obviously will only work as long as it takes for the preciousness to soak through the cloth.  Not a fan of that in the carseat, however it’s great to wear while waiting to get him into the bath and avoiding preciousness all over my bathroom.


And here is Mr. J rockin’ it old school, waiting for bath time.

 P.S. This is what a three week old looks like when he comes from my womb!

Lots of babies at the Zoo were left in just a diaper (um,weird) or a top and diaper (completely acceptable considering the heat). However, the difference between those babies and mine is that mine looked far less white-trash…just sayin.

 Not that anyone could see him anyway since I had him covered and out of the direct sun the entire time. Just a note for those who want to point out that I’m burning my son’s right leg, it was like FIVE SECONDS!

So yes, my saved pennies might be covered in poo. No, I’m not some hippie although I do feel proud to not be contributing to the insane amount of diaper waste in landfills. And yes, I know we’re still using a little extra water, blah blah blah…pretty sure that in America the use of tap water is far less of a threat than the amount of waste we produce so whatev.  I’m not a cloth diapering advocate, so no, I’m not going to sit at some podium and debate cloth vs. disposables.  I have done some research, but in-depth research requires a lot of reading and lets be honest…I hate reading much more than the captions under a picture. So there.  The Pratts use cloth diapers and we’re happy about it.


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  1. Well said, Pratt. I don’t really want to be seen as a smelly hippy, but the cloth diapers are way cool. After filling up three big trash bags of disposables from the first few weeks, it’s nice to just use the clean, fresh diaps without needing a forklift to take out the trash.

    P.S.: You rock my socks off.

    P.S.S.: Speaking of things coming off, when we gonna go swimming? …And don’t act like you don’t know what I mean…

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