We’re engaged! Oh, wait…no we’re not…


I was taking a walk down facebook memory lane and came across some nearly forgotten pictures. You see, my bald boyfriend and I had decided to get married.  Yeah!!  Only kicker was that he hadn’t proposed because it was all planned out and he wanted it to be perfect.  Yea, whatev just ask me already!

So during Spring Break (remember I was a teacher so I still had those awesome breaks!) we drove down to Fort Worth for our dear friends’ wedding.  I expected this to only be a memorable night for the newly wedded couple, I was wrong.

Ceremony was beautiful and then we moved on to the reception. It was time for the groom to toss the garter and who caught it but none other but my bald headed luvah! How fun!

Next, it was time to catch the bouquet. As I walked to the front of the room to line up with the other single ladies my mind began to race…what if this was it…what if he planned this moment for us to get engaged at his bestfriend’s wedding…eek!  I stood there super nervous.  The bride turned and tossed the flowers into the air. I swear to you every other girl stepped away!  I caught it, or rather IT caught me!  My heart began to race.  There my love was standing with the garter and I with the bouquet…our friends and family in the room. I thought I was going to puke! Don’t forget, I’m secretly an introvert and there was a LOT of starring going on.

I played it off and we looked like this

You know what happened next?   Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

It was all seriously a complete coincidence. This left me very confused and had him thinking of scrapping his plan and just proposing that night. The “whoops” moment was when he told another guy he was thinking of proposing that night instead. It was suggested he drop down on one knee once all the guests wave farewell to the happy couple.  Sounds nice right?  Well, he changed his mind and decided to stick with the original plan. No biggie. Except he didn’t tell that guy about the change of heart.

Fast forward to the newlyweds driving off.  The guy makes an announcement to the ENTIRE crowd, “ladies and gentlemen, the best man has something special he would like to do right now.”  Picture the bald man, wide-eyed, fake-smiling and making the “slit your throat” signal to the man to make him stop.  Didn’t work.

So he drops down on one knee.

He starts to mumble a proposal while also saying “no, this is NOT what I wanted…” as well.  As if I wasn’t already confused enough from earlier.

Wait, what??  Are you breaking up with me or proposing??

Okay, so…no then?

And now is when we smile for the camera and pretend this is the happiest moment of our lives.

Can you see the anxiety in his eyes?!

We drove 4 hours home in nearly complete silence. Well, not home really. We drove to my mom’s farm where on the way we hit a deer and got pulled over twice and harassed over the alcohol on our breath.  No! We weren’t drinking and driving, we hadn’t drank a single drop. Stupid highway patrol.

What a night!

I won’t end the story there though.  Sunday morning on the farm we woke up and did this….

Followed by 4-wheelers down to the river where he sang to me my fav Randy Travis song “Forever and Ever Amen.”  It was then he made it official. And it was perfect, just like me. just like our love.


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  1. I’m glad it had a happy ending! My husband of almost 16 years used to pretend he was about to propose, before he actually did. Now we tell our kids the story.

  2. I’m so distracted by what that white thing is over your shoulder! Is that the garter BELT? A bra? I am so confused. I can’t believe he mumbled to someone at a WEDDING that he had thought he might propose. I can’t believe some jerk didn’t go up to the mic right then and make a big scene. I am a fan of Randy Travis myself! Found you at finding the funny.

    • Haha it does look like a bra strap on my arm. It is actually part of the neck strap of a tie..the ones you just wrap around your neck and hook together. I was in charge of gathering all the groomsmens ties and vests.

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