Wait, what?!


Yep, had three of those moments today.

Went to the Dr to have a mole removed (eww gross, I know) and right before I got the numbing shot my doctor says “This is gonna hurt like hell!”  My immediate thought was “Wait, what?!”  None of this “It’s gonna sting for just a second” or “you’ll barely feel this…”  I mean where is my doctor who tells lies and gives false expectations?????

Then it gets worse, the numbing shot didn’t work. Which led directly into my second “WAIT, WHAT?!” moment of the day.

Leaving the doctor’s office I was still a bit distracted by my inner thought process of what just went down….I walked calmly to the elevator and pulled out these….

I then proceeded to press the unlock button while pointed toward this…..

And like the intelligent person I am, I waited for this to open.

Wait, what?!


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    • I should ask my midwife when I can expect my brain to start working again! Also just realized that in my key pic I look pregnant! Lol I’m actually just wearing Jamison in his wrap, promise!

  1. I worked in a hospital that had the elevators with front and back doors. I walked in and waited at the other door, since i knew that was the one that would open. I pressed the 3rd floor button and when it didn;t open the third time and I said “Geez, what’s the deal?: Someone behind me said, “Um…it’s this door over here” as they exited laughing. You are fine.

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