Random thoughts of the afternoon…


First of all…

Do any other ladies out there feel like all of their bobbypins are at some secret party with all your matching socks?

How can there not be one single bobbypin in this entire house?!


I’m going on a double date with my hubs and some awesome friends tonight.  Excited to dress up but there’s one kicker. My in-laws are watching my baby…and while I’m so thankful for this time with my bald headed luvah, I truly try to not go in public without the baby.

Why you may ask?

Because other’s view of me (I am that person who can admit that I care what others think, everyone else just lies about it) suddenly change from “Wow, she looks great for just having a baby!”  to  “aw, she’s kinda chubby…”   😦

Thus why I keep that scape-goat baby close by my side.



Everyone knows what it means…everyone says it… but really?  It just bothers me.  Why the “E”  I mean why Egypt?  It’s actually a rather populated place and a very common local for tourists to visit.  So why did Egypt get thrown into this confusing phrase?

No worries though, the bald man and I fixed it!  Yeah!!

It is now   BFA     “A” of course standing for Antarctica…far more appropriate.  Don’t ya think?!  🙂

Have you had any random thoughts lately?


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