Blueberry muffins, hold the berries…


Early this morning my bald headed love rolled over and told me he wanted to make us waffles for breakfast.  I gave him a sweet smile of gratitude and informed him that we are out of Bisquick.  You see, this could be confusing for the bald man because every day he sees that big box of mix on top of the refrigerator and thinks “waffles sound delicious, perhaps I will make some.”  While every day I see that big box on top of the refrigerator and think “geez, I really need to throw away the big empty box.”

However, I told him about the Aldi’s fine quality blueberry muffin mix that is in fact in the pantry.

Being the gold star husband that he is, he jumps up…grabs the baby…gives him a couple good burps…and off he goes into the kitchen.

I start to smell the sweet aroma of artificially flavored yumminess.  Although, it turns out what I had envisioned  happening in the kitchen was actually not completely correct.

Here is what went down out there.

He started off quite nicely, I’m sure feeling pretty good about himself. Maybe even imagining him bringing me muffins in bed since he knows I had just gone to bed two hours earlier because I’m such an amazingly selfless mom and I took care of our baby who decided he was done sleeping at 4 AM and yet I still wake up so sexy and refreshed…trust me, I know exactly how he thinks.

He smells his amazing breakfast that he slaved over for us, pulls the muffin tin from the oven.  But, wait…these don’t look right….

Hmmm….what’s missing…surely I did it just as Paula Deen would.    He turns around and lo and behold on the counter he sees this!

Aldi’s 100% real and organic-nothing-like-pie-filling can of blueberries!   Woops

That’s correct people, not a single berry in my blueberry muffin.  And to top it off, as soon as they came out, my bald headed luvah realized the time and had to run out the door for work leaving me to eat my romantic breakfast alone on the couch in my underwear super cute and girly p.j.’s.

This of course reminded me of one of my favorite movies and that Meg Ryan might actually appreciate my husband’s take on blueberry muffins.

And because I love my husband and I know that one day we will be sweet old people sitting on the couch telling our story…I wanted to add this too.


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