Creeper Much?


I decided to be productive today and clean out our garage before it becomes so overrun by spiders that I never go in there again.

Before I tell you more about my day’s productivity you should know that we’ve been dealing with these for the past few months.

Which pretty well freaks me out!

We could see where they were digging into our kitchen and I swear I didn’t stand in front of the oven for a week and wore shoes in the kitchen for the next month!

Also, we have had a little issue with these OUTSIDE of our house by the garage for the past two summers…

Yikes, I know!

So you can understand now why I may be a tad bit on edge when it comes to creepy creatures around our house.

Now lets go back to me being productive in the garage….

I pulled a storage tub from the wall and found a big mound of dirt which led directly to a huge silent scream!!!

Where did this come from?  Why are there holes burrowed in and out of it?!!  EEEEkkk!

I immediately called the bald man at work on his store phone to be sure to talk to him.  I explained the mound to him and he seemed less than concerned.  I said to him to put his arms out and touch the tips of his fingers and that’s how big the mound is.  He said “oh, just sweep it out…it probably just came from my dirt bike gear.”  What?! Um, no!  “How in the H-E- double-hockey-sticks would a pile of dirt fall off your riding gear?!”

Turns out the bald man was touching his finger tips AND his thumbs. I NEVER said to touch your thumbs…I wouldn’t call you about a sprinkling of dirt on the ground.  Maybe I should’ve told him to make his arms like a basketball hoop.  And since I didn’t have the mind enough to take a picture, you too should make a basketball hoop with with your arms so you can be on my team of  “freak out” and not my husband’s team of “what’s the big deal.”  Doing it? Good, now you understand the reason for the silent scream!

So I did what any brave, independent, I-used-to-live-in-the-ghetto, woman would.  I ran next door and beckoned the most beautiful lunch lady ever to come investigate my mystery dirt.  And of course she did, and cleaned it up for me since I wouldn’t get close to it.  Though only after she determined it was a

MOLE MOUND!  Luckily, the mole was not currently at home.

I decided that after all this stress I deserved a break…you know, it’s hard watching someone else do manual labor in your garage…

I came in and was happy to see my daytime love, Anderson Cooper, was on.  Then BAM, it happened! Right in front to me!  The creepiest creature to be seen in our house thus far.  It was just there, starring right back at me from the TV.


Do they not screen for people before they put them in direct line with the camera?!

Just for the fun of it, here he is again.

Sleep well tonight my friends, knowing that all things creepy are apparently at our house.


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