Shout Out to the Bald Man


Before he came home from work I received this

Then after about 20 minutes he came home with this

Ahhhh…. I know, he is so sweet!  The only downside was that the pie was way frozen from sitting in the grocery store cooler all day.  So I just scraped the slightly thawed edges and figured those calories don’t really count.  I mean afterall, when you eat cold stuff your body burns more calories digesting it…right?

Little man was pretty good all night, but I decided to bring him to bed with me in the early morning.  In the later early morning my little red headed love came in to ask me something. I remembered that I had totally forgotten to link up my blog earlier in the morning. Last week mine was number 4,382 (actually about 54, but it felt like much more!)

So in stealth mom mode I lifted myself ever so smoothly out of the bed without waking either of my boys up.  That’s when I realized it!  Though the bald man always says I “hog” the bed, I don’t!  I even took a picture to prove it.

You see that tiny little space between Sweet Baby-boy and The Bald Man? Yea, that’s MY spot….  Hog? hmmm, I think not.

Anyway, I got up and grabbed my breakfast and computer so I could link up to my fav blog before the rest of the world did.

Fruit, dairy and sorta bread….don’t judge.

Then my favorite guy got up and joined me in my breakfast. Actually I made him eat pie for two reasons:

1. So I can sincerely say, “Oh no, I didn’t eat it all myself.”

2. He could understand how light and fluffy it is and how when you really ate just a teeny bit, it looks as if you ate a lot more.

What a good husband!


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  1. You seriously crack me up!! There is nothing I love more than a blog that doesn’t have 2093820943 followers that I can follow and love! I have the same will power problems. Like big time. and I also know what its like to have no friends! We just moved to Arkansas from San Diego and Its tough to meet people at our age!! haha! Just thought id tell you how great your blog is.


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