Pinterest Fail


So with school back in session and me being at home, it has really hit me that I’m not a teacher anymore. Which means we have jumped from two incomes to one.  We looked at our budget the other day and realized that we eat out….A LOT. And when I say a lot I mean we could nearly make a second mortgage with what we spend on groceries and restaurants. EEK!  I decided it was time that I get down to business on this homemaking-budget-slimdown.  Unfortunately just “pinning” on Pinterest doesn’t really count for being a good housewife….turns out you have to DO the pins.

Well Miss Suzy-homemaker right here actually sat down and made my very first weekly meal plan AND bought the necessary grocery items to bring them to life. Woot, woot!  (p.s. I am SO not a good cook, I mean like I’m reaalllyyy bad!)  This on its own should definitely earn me a gold star!

 If anyone would like to send me my very own gold star please email me for my home address, thank ya much!

But wait, it gets better. I MADE LASAGNA!!  And I only filled the kitchen with smoke 3 times before it was finished. Note to self: lasagna will spill over the edges and burn to a crisp at the bottom of the oven if you don’t put foil down.

The lasagna looks decent enough and I hope it tastes at least a little like lasagna because my father in law will be stuck choking it down here in about an hour.

So you all surely remember that I’m the chubby one…  Well then you also know I live for sweets.  I started browsing through Pinterest and saw this super easy recipe for some “healthy” peanut butter cookies.  I actually had the required ingredients and decided to make them.

I dolloped about 8 scoops of peanut butter goop onto the pan. I set the timer for 8 minutes and decided to check them at that point.  Sadly, this is what I found.

And more smoke is what I smelled.

How could this happen?????  I decided to try it again and take pictures for a better reference.

Again I plopped them onto a pan.

And again they grew into the biggest, flattest cookies ever.

I swear to you I followed the directions to the tee. They are pretty stinking easy. It would be difficult, one would assume, to mess them up.

It says they are only 36 calories per cookie.  Which is believable and may very well be true considering they are flat as a board.

So I have come to the conclusion that while the cookies below look delicious, they failed to post the recipe to make them.

Pinterest fail.


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  1. I totally sympathize with your plight. I too am a terrible cook. My husband does pretty much all of the cooking when he’s home, but he works evenings now so it’s pretty much on my shoulders all of the time. I have found that with patience and lots of time for preparation, I can in fact put together a decent meal, as long as there’s only one dish in that meal, because I am rubbish at multitasking in the kitchen.

  2. ONce a teacher, always a teacher. You are teaching me that pinterest really is the devil 🙂 and people are just fooling themselves with all of those wistful pins they put on their boards. Check out and I bet you’ll be thrilled with the results. I have never been disappointed with a recipe from them. The only problem is deciding which one to use when 100 options come up!

  3. Bummer. Usually cookies spread too much like that for a couple of reasons. 1) not enough flour in the dough or 2) the oven is too hot. Based on your before pics, I’d think it doesn’t have enough flour. maybe the original poster wrote the recipe down wrong? Good luck with future cooking!
    Found you on #followthefunny

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