What Goes Around Comes Around


Before I tell you what happened in my home yesterday I need you guys to make me a promise….you can never tell my sweet little redhead that I’m telling you this. Okay, so your promise? Good.  Cause remember when you were growing up and your friend told you a secret and you promised to not tell anyone, but you told your bestfriend because that obviously doesn’t count? Well, you my friend are the bestfriend that doesn’t count.

My sweet little girl always surprises me with what comes out of her mouth.  When she was 3 she asked me if there was a “Yes Vember.”  Huh? A Yes Vember?   She replied with “yea, you know there’s a NOvember…so is there a YESvember?”

Or the other day when she told me that when you say a word again and again it stops sounding like a real word. For example, “toilet, toilet, toilet, toilet, toilet….”  She’s right!

Well yesterday she came strolling in from school and started on her homework. I was laying on the couch feeding baby boy, minding my own business. That’s when it happened. She oh so innocently came up to me and in all sincerity asked…

“Mom, were you born in the olden days?”

“What?! NO!”

“Are you serious? I’m 27, I was hardly born that long ago.”

She replied with “Oh mom, please don’t ever tell anyone I asked that, please…really mom, don’t put it on facebook.”

I laughed and told her that her Grandma was born in the olden days HAHAHA!!

You know in all honesty I should’ve expected this to happen. You see, many (well not THAT many) years ago I was sitting at my grandparents’ house. I remember it vividly….I was in the kitchen at the “old” house, Grandma was making me my eggs while she drank her soda and had her cigarette (only my grandma could make that look classy).  My Grandma had dentures and mom said it was because she ate too much sugar, and if I ate too much sugar I would lose my teeth too….pretty smooth mom.  But what I knew to be true of at least some of her missing teeth was that she was in a car accident when she was younger and her teeth were knocked out. The possibility of this truly confused me though, it just seemed to be an impossible story, so I had to ask.

“Grandma, how did you lose your teeth in a car accident if you only had horses to ride?”

Yep, What Goes Around…..

Comes Around….


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