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Hey, hey, hey!!


I know you guys have been overwhelmed by my constant blogging, but what can I say… I am great at staying on the ball with stuff!

So quick catch up…

1.Um, never lost that baby weight.  Shock, awe, surprise!

2.Had to come up with a reason to stay chubby so I just went and got pregnant…AGAIN!

3. I am self diagnosing myself with Season Affect Disorder because when it’s cold and gross I become the most depressed and lazy person ever.

4.Spring is here! My Little Redhead is almost finished with 1st Grade, Little Man is nearly 1 (!!!!), my Hot Baldman has an awesome new job where he gets to spend more time with us, and I am now 6 months pregs with Sweet Baby #3.


Now that the weather is nice I have gotten a burst of energy and a need to be productive. I have used this energy to make the Baldman trim the tree out front, rake, fix the flower bed, move the furniture in three rooms, paint the sunroom, paint the living room and paint the entry/hallway, and lastly swap out our old school bed for a frame with some old shutters as a headboard. As you can obviously imagine… I. Am. Exhausted.

I have recently become addicted to our local facebook garage sale site. I found I can sell anything I pick up for $5 or less from Goodwill and Habitat Restore for at least $15 if I say it is “rustic.”  This extra $$ was used the other day to buy a nightstand for our room. Did you know that nightstands are friggin expensive? Well, they are! So for $25 with a drawer and cabinet I figured it was a good deal….it was ugly…but still a great

Ever since I single handedly watched my husband completely refinish my kitchen table and chairs, that I thought I could do on my own on a single afternoon, I’ve been feeling pretty confident in my


We had a handful of mostly-full spray paint cans in the garage. So, yesterday I decided to redo the nightstand while little man napped. Three cans (and three colors) later I realized I had exactly not enough paint in any can to cover the entire piece. photo

Since I had to get out of the house to make sure I arrived at Kaitlyn’s school Easter hunt exactly when it was over, I decided to run to Hobby Lobby.  When I got there I bought on complete impulse and ended up with a can of gray spray paint, two uber cheapie stencils, a small bottle of red paint, a $4 wreath (cause why not?), ribbon (to obviously go on the wreath), and three flowers (cause what’s a wreath without flowers).

The kids passed out from their Hobby Lobby high so I let them sleep in the van while I painted in the garage. photoNote: pregnant woman can do this so long as you hold your breathe, spraaaaay spray spraaaaay, then run to the edge of the garage gasping for air like a kid who swears they just stayed under water for 1,000 seconds!

Impromptu naptime was over in time to take Kaitlyn to dance class, meet a stranger at McDonalds to sell a table, then go with my lover and little man to the park to walk.  (I would like for you to envision that we go on walks regularly….I’d hate for you to know otherwise so we’ll just leave it at that.)

We finally got back home and I nearly pulled a muscle while asking the husband to carry the nightstand, paint, hardware, drill and a bowl of supper into the living room. But don’t worry he didn’t get too exhausted because I let him sit down for about 45 seconds before I remembered and asked for the next thing. I’m sweet like that.

I stenciled this little bird thing onto the sides of the nightstand, then these branches that cost about $1 on the front drawer. While that dried I grabbed the wreath and hung it on one of our guitar holders (perfection), wrapped the ribbon half-heartedly around it then shoved those three flowers on one side.

I am not crafty. I do not sew. I do not paint. I do not draw. I do not cook well. I obviously can’t blog consistently.

So imagine my surprise when I finished these afternoon projects and they turned out to not look too shabby. The hubs was shocked too. So here you go, proof that even a talentless, procrastinator can make things that others also find attractive.

photo photo










So here it is in the living room, then nestled over by my bed. My original idea before I did anything was to get a cheap nightstand and modge podge it with pictures of love. 🙂  Only thing is I didn’t expect this to actually turn out cute and pictures pasted to the top would look out of place. So I decided to just “fill” it with love instead. photo

Lastly, here is a picture of my finished wreath hanging from the shutters my luvah put up last weekend. photo