Remember that one time, when I started a blog….


and then started that blog again….and then again I started that one blog…..
Well guess what?! I’m continuing from my last “start” and we’ll call this lost time an intentional break.

So um here’s my latest offspring.

Meet Sweet Charlie

Meet Sweet Charlie

Yep, had him natural. Best birth ever. Decided I wanted to become a doula. Became a doula. Realized I’m still chubby. Took the Advocare Challenge like a badass. Realized I’m NOT a badass. Celebrated finishing the cleanse with eating. Attended my first birth. It was a homebirth. It was AMAZING. Saw the pictures. Turns out I’m still chubby. Damnit. Going to do the cleanse again. Going to share the journey. Again.

Also starting the challenge of finding who I am as a wife. A mom. A doula. And the uber important stuff like… How I like my hair. Makeup. Overall style. Ya know, the biggies.
I’m done having babies (bittersweet) and am looking forward to a fresh new year growing in every way possible. Hoping that keeping this blog up to date is something I can achieve in this new year also.
So anywho, much love to you. If you enjoy the quick read please share the love with others.


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