Oh what a night!


The hubs and I have been married for a little over 2 1/2 years and in this time I have been pregnant or nursing for 27 months! Due to a long and depressing story of sucky circumstances I am no longer able to nurse Charlie….but for kicks I just blame Obama. Why not, works for everything else!  So until very recently we haven’t been able to really enjoy a good date night together. If we could escape for a few hours, it typically turned into a quick dinner, a movie and a breastpump session in the car OR dinner and pregnancy induced heartburn for the rest of the night ORRRRR if no pump and no heartburn I probably was in a pissy mood from my forever out of whack hormones and the constant stares and comments from strangers about how “I must be having twins!”

So to say our date life has been lacking throughout our marriage is quite the understatement!

Well yesterday my favorite baldman texted me from work to say he scored some free OKC Thunder tickets if we could find a sitter.  I called and texted no less then 7 different friends and family members to see if they could possibly sit with the kiddos. Finally we scored with our friend’s daughter. YEAH!!! My kids are pretty chill but I know 3 kids with two in diapers can come off a little intimidating to a new sitter. But she came with her brave face and we were off!

First we went and enjoyed Happy Hour at Red Prime. I had a Katydid cocktail. You know those chocolate mints The Olive Garden gives you? Yea. Imagine that in liquid form with a slight kick. YUM! They provide a limo service down to the game so we felt all sorts of fancy. We get to the arena, run into some friends woo hoo, go up, up, and up to our seats…but to be honest there isn’t a bad seat in that place…we got settled in and it hit me. Mom guilt. I’m out having fun and my kids are at home. And is the sitter okay? I really hope she’s okay. I really hope she wants to keep babysitting for us. Eeek, I HAD TO check on them. Thank the Lord for text messaging! I was immediately assured that everything was running smoothly. And we were in the clear to take this selfie.

Side note:

My hairstylist, Erica Pariseau, would be SO proud of me for curling my hair. I NEVER curl my hair. I don’t know how. It scares me. My arms get tired. I swear they will fall from my body. The cord gets hooked on the drawer knob every 2 seconds! Once I finally finish and check in the mirror I realize that I missed a third of my head! But I did it. I powered through like any grown woman should. If she’s reading this, she’s smiling. If you’re reading this and don’t have a stylist you should definitely go see her at Hair Razor Designs!


After the game we met up with some of our uber cool friends. You know THOSE people. The ones that when you are feeling incredibly NOT hip you can call them and they will give you the rundown of all the places to be to get your “hipness” back. We decided to get a quick dessert with them before heading home. I was thinking Cold Stone, they suggested Vast.  I mean seriously, let that just roll off you tongue for a minute VAAaaasssttttt. My idea included 16 year olds in pink aprons and one of those UV light tanning bed boxes that kills (humanely I’m sure) bugs and is attached to the restaurant wall leaving you with the internal debate of whether or not you’re glad that it’s there.

There idea was called Vast. Enough said.

So we strolled over (in the car, don’t picture us actually strolling. and once we got there we more so had a seizure like reaction to the extreme cold and awkwardly skipped into the fanciest hotel lobby EVER). Then we walked into APO Headquarters the Devon Tower where I fully expected to be greeted by Sydney Bristow. We took the elevator 49 stories up and strolled into the swankiest lounge while looking like we surely had Groupons in our pockets.  We could only afford the coffee and dessert but it was so worth it to see this amazing view of our great city.


Not too shabby right?

Anyhow, we got back much later than intended. Came home to a quiet house full of sleeping children. Took the sitter home after paying her a random amount of money that seemed fair enough since she had to deal with a blow out diaper and we were later than expected. Maybe we were way off what we should pay…we have no clue, we’ve never done this before.

As we crawled into bed I got to thinking that this was honestly the best date we’ve been on in years. It was last minute and we had very little $$ to spend.

But it was perfect.

For Adam’s Christmas present this year, I gave him a jar full of fun and inexpensive dates for us. Here are some that you and your lovah can enjoy too!!

  • Feed the ducks at the park and enjoy donuts and mimosas for a morning date. *Note: this was actually one of our first dates and looking back we probably shouldn’t have made “mimosas to-go” and taken them to the public park with us… And yes, we still will absolutely do it again.
  • Enjoy rootbeer floats and drive dirt roads
  • Go wine tasting (obviously use a Groupon haha)
  • Have a Nerf water gun war in the yard. Then pick up Orange Leaf and eat it on the roof while watching the sunset.
  • Try sushi then play laser tag
  • Find another couple to play cards and enjoy sno-cones
  • Go to the Dollar store. Buy each other a surprise gift and each pick out a puzzle. Race each other putting the puzzles together.
  • Make homemade pizza, have some drinks, play some games (Twister anyone?)
  • Pick up take out then eat it out on a blanket outside while cloud watching.
  • Go to a local high school basketball game and devour some concession stand nachos!

Do it people. Get out there and love your lovah!


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  1. Cheri, This is great! Did you know that your hairdresser, Erica, lives across the street from me? I enjoyed visiting the Devon Tower again–just vicariously.

    • It was our first visit and completely empty in there. Very cool.
      I did not know she’s your neighbor! She’s the best! I’ve known her and her husband for many years, all the way back to high school.

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