It Begins


So today it officially begins. again. but this time it’s really for real. Cause that time I was just kidding. But I remember all the things I learned back then and I’ll do better. I promise. This time there’s money involved. Money I will spend on clothes that are neither from high school nor maternity. Yep. Today ladies and gentlemen. It. Begins.

I’m going to grocery shop kid free and do meal prep. Not only for the baldman and I, but also for the kiddos. Cause the problem is, I don’t want to eat egg whites and healthy poo if they are having a corndog or delicious oven tacos (they are honest to goodness SO delicious and you can make 20+ at a time).  Plus, how sucky of a mom am I if I put super healthy food into my mouth and easy *processed crap into theirs?

*Side Note: oven tacos are NOT crap, but probably not a cleanse worthy meal. I make them with local grass-fed beef and shred lots of carrots and onions in the mix, also I use my own seasonings…no packets.

So today I will plan and prep meals fit for the ENTIRE family. Say a prayer for me. Send flowers. Take a moment of silence. Cause this momma is NO chef! I need 5’ish ingredients or less and they can not be intimidating. Also, that handful of ingredients need to come together in a simple and logical way. And what’s VERY important is the ingredient list must not ever include seafood, pork or that absolutely disgusting, no-excuse-for-meat, the-mooshiest-nastiest texture ever…GROUND TURKEY!

If you have something that you think would be fitting PLEASE share it in the comments!

I’ll also share that I plan on making these for quick breakfasts for the kids. I use our Bountiful Basket organic 5 grain bread, which really just makes it sweeter!

So I’m going to do my measurements today. Take bikini pics. Cry. Tell myself it’s not THAT bad, I’m just super white. Everyone looks fat and droopy whey they’re super white, right?  Right! See, I’m already half way there!

I’ll be 30 this year. Time to get my body back.  If you want some awesome sauce inspiration check out my little sister and mom of 2 on Instagram at FIT_ADVO_MOMMY   I love her, and am proud of her, but mostly fearful that she can beat me up now.

I’m not shooting for the moon yall. I just want my boobs and my stomach to not be such close friends, my thighs to not cheer for me every time I jog and for my control top camisole to not roll up to my face so quickly I feel like Wendy’s dad on Peter Pan.

That’s not too much to ask.


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  1. These are great for lunches 🙂 I skipped the parmesan cheese because of Nicholas’s food allergy and skipped all the refrigeration stuff because who has time for that? I also started them on the oven and browned one side, turned them over and browned the other and then put them in a 400 degree oven for 12 minutes and they were perfect. Even picky Jaci eats it.

    And here is another crowd favorite at my house for homemade chicken nuggets:
    Once again I omitted the parmesan and I do 6 tbsp. bread crumbs to 3 tbsp. panko instead of 2 tbsp. panko. And, it doesn’t make a difference if you spend time turning each one over, you can just shake the pan and the results are the same 🙂 I’ve also breaded these and then put them on a pan and froze them before storing in a freezer bag for later and then cooked them that way too.

  2. Perfect timing- we have a 5 Ingredient Mini menu coming out later this month…just for you. 🙂 I can’t wait to follow along with your journey; I love the determination in this post.

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