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T’was a Cold July Morning


I don’t know if it’s because it’s 60 outside or because my kids slept in til 10, but I woke up with a burst of energy and decided to point it towards all of you fabulous people today! Apparently I left you all hanging back in January with a commitment to live and eat healthier. While I’m by no means consistent on this blog…I have been consistent (somewhat) with getting healthier. 


I eat ice cream more than anyone I know. I can’t fathom more than 5 mins of cardio. And to be quite honest, I am in and out of the gym typically in less than an hour. 

Some days I have valiant intentions of making it to the gym but life happens and plans change.


when you realize Hulu just unlocked the latest episode of RHOC.


When you’ve successfully avoided wearing a bra all day. It’d be a shame to put one on so late in the game.

and of course

When the loving wife waits for hubs to come home and workout together…but the evening instead turns into a yummy dinner and 2-3 episodes of Mad Men.  C’mon, you know you just gotta see what happens next!

I’m not completely ready to post progress pictures quite yet, but I promise you, they are coming soon!


In other news:

My sweet baby Bubba just turned 1. With this comes trying new foods. In an obvious attempt to boost his protein, I have pulled both a fly and a junebug from his mouth in the recent days. 

He also bullies his older brother and is surprisingly a faster crawler than we all previously realized.


Little Man is just that, a little man. He does everything he does with great intention and is quick to let his Bubba know if he is doing something wrong. He is obsessed with planes, trains, and automobiles…always pointing out the “cahs” and the “frucks.”

My favorite redhead continues to amaze us with her maturity, wisdom, and wit. She’s been with her dad all summer making memories. Before she left we took her to Six Flags. In a single Friday Adam and I went from awesome parents to well….lets just say we became “thoooose parents.”

It started with the log ride. Then three times the log ride. That girl was in heaven!

So we stepped up our thrill game, the Mini Mine Train. She rocked it and wanted more….The Runaway Train!

She threw her hands up and squealed with excitement! I was feeling pretty confident, she seemed to be really loving roller coasters! That was also the point where we got a bit too confident… 

We took her to ride Judge Roy Scream. 



>Insert tears and disappointment in her parents’ judgement<

Back to the log ride we went…..