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I see you looking at me


Why hello there!

A friend planted the idea in my head to start a blog and with the encouragement of others, here I am! I’ll be talking about family, friends and hopefully a whole lot of humor. No, I don’t really know anything about blogging. Heck, I can barely work this crazy new phone and I live day to day with the terror that Facebook will find me out and switch me to Timeline. Thus, rendering me clueless on the one internet thingy I can manage! So here we go.  I’ll be writing the content, but honestly my bald-headed love and his fam will be the ones making it come to life.  My love will probably make the silly comment about me learning to work the computer for myself and blah blah blah….  But lets be honest, he loves me way too much to make me do such a horrible thing.

Runnin a Muck???

The phrase makes perfect sense to me! However, the bald one is convinced that I am the only person who says it. So my first challenge to you is to say “Runnin a Muck!”  No, for reals! Right now, out loud, say it, love it, embrace it! Say it with humor, with anger, say it in the midst of complete exhaustion. However you say it, it is almost always appropriate.  Then, just maybe, my husband may one day be somewhere and hear a complete stranger proclaim with conviction that someone is “Runnin a Muck!”  It will be in that moment that I will forever be filled with giddiness and satisfaction that I have made such a lasting and positive impact on the world. Dramatic much? Nah




I don’t have anything here just yet. But how bout you get excited that I made a clicky “page” thing.  See, look up…just a little…then slightly to the right.  See? Right there!