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Journey to losing the baby weight before gaining it all over again.

So Long Chubby!


So I have 17lbs of pure fat to lose from my pregnancy. I use the “from my pregnancy” part loosely since I’ve actually already lost that true “baby weight.”  What I have left is the poundage I acquired in addition to “baby weight” during my pregnancy.  So I’ve begun this journey to get my body back to where it was before.

Things I’ve done thus far:

Went to the gym TWICE….about 6 weeks ago.

Did Couch to 5K with the bald man for 2 days.

Worked out using XBox Kinect 3 days.

And so far NO RESULTS, geesh what’s a girl got to do?!

Okay so since carving workout time into my schedule isn’t working, I’ve decided I need to watch my diet.

I added the My Fitness Pal app and I love it. I even added my sisters and a couple friends so we can be accountable to each other’s daily food diaries. I have learned some things since starting the app:

1. The Republic Burger, which isn’t even that big, is 1400 calories!  Too bad I was already eating when the waiter finally found out how many calories it was.

2. That one chocolate long john is 250 calories, AND that if you are brave enough to post that doughnut on your diary for all to see then you should definitely reward yourself with two more that you don’t have to post. 🙂

3. I have NO will-power other than to not keep bad foods in the house.

4. When the bald man brings bad foods into the house as a sweet gesture, I also have NO will-power to not eat them morning, noon and night.

5. Lemon meringue pie is actually NOT a filling breakfast.

6. However, ice cream with toppings actually is.

7. I can spy on what my sisters eat and I know that my baby sister had 4 margaritas for “dinner” the other night.

8. I know that my older-younger sister eats a lot of strawberries and almond milk.

All this has made me realize how TERRIBLE my eating habits are and that I need to make some changes.  I started this week by buying Kashi cereal and some almond milk.

The cereal didn’t taste bad, but it’s definitely not something I look forward to eating.

The almond milk is pretty much a no-go.  It’s not because it tastes bad either…it’s that I don’t understand it.  I’ve had milk plenty in my life and I have been known to snack on almonds from time to time as well.  So riddle me this….why is the almond milk slimy?  AND, why does it not soak into the cereal?  That doesn’t seem right at all!

I poured my bowl of cereal this morning…then the baby began to scream, so I calmed him down…decided he needed a fresh diaper so I changed it and got him dressed….when I came back to my cereal it looked like this

Why is this so-called “milk” just pooling on top of my cereal, why has it not soaked in yet???  Too weird, I couldn’t finish it…freaked me out too much.

So here’s what I’m thinking, I may just invite you guys along for the journey too.  You can comment and call me names and whatnot to keep me truckin’ along to get back in shape.

I’ll post some pics (EEEK!!!) and we’ll all see if I can make some sort of pathetic progress.  And although I can’t always clock in much exercise on my app, you better believe I mark off the 500 calories I burn each day for nursing the little man!

So here is a picture of me when I was 41 weeks pregnant with my 10lb (okay, 9lb 15oz AFTER he pooped) son.

 Yikes, I know!

And This is what I what I look like now

 Wait, What? You can’t see my body?  Haha, you didn’t think I was THAT crazy did you?

How bout we just go with…

I don’t look as good as this

But I surely look better than this

Not too bad, right?