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T’was a Cold July Morning


I don’t know if it’s because it’s 60 outside or because my kids slept in til 10, but I woke up with a burst of energy and decided to point it towards all of you fabulous people today! Apparently I left you all hanging back in January with a commitment to live and eat healthier. While I’m by no means consistent on this blog…I have been consistent (somewhat) with getting healthier. 


I eat ice cream more than anyone I know. I can’t fathom more than 5 mins of cardio. And to be quite honest, I am in and out of the gym typically in less than an hour. 

Some days I have valiant intentions of making it to the gym but life happens and plans change.


when you realize Hulu just unlocked the latest episode of RHOC.


When you’ve successfully avoided wearing a bra all day. It’d be a shame to put one on so late in the game.

and of course

When the loving wife waits for hubs to come home and workout together…but the evening instead turns into a yummy dinner and 2-3 episodes of Mad Men.  C’mon, you know you just gotta see what happens next!

I’m not completely ready to post progress pictures quite yet, but I promise you, they are coming soon!


In other news:

My sweet baby Bubba just turned 1. With this comes trying new foods. In an obvious attempt to boost his protein, I have pulled both a fly and a junebug from his mouth in the recent days. 

He also bullies his older brother and is surprisingly a faster crawler than we all previously realized.


Little Man is just that, a little man. He does everything he does with great intention and is quick to let his Bubba know if he is doing something wrong. He is obsessed with planes, trains, and automobiles…always pointing out the “cahs” and the “frucks.”

My favorite redhead continues to amaze us with her maturity, wisdom, and wit. She’s been with her dad all summer making memories. Before she left we took her to Six Flags. In a single Friday Adam and I went from awesome parents to well….lets just say we became “thoooose parents.”

It started with the log ride. Then three times the log ride. That girl was in heaven!

So we stepped up our thrill game, the Mini Mine Train. She rocked it and wanted more….The Runaway Train!

She threw her hands up and squealed with excitement! I was feeling pretty confident, she seemed to be really loving roller coasters! That was also the point where we got a bit too confident… 

We took her to ride Judge Roy Scream. 



>Insert tears and disappointment in her parents’ judgement<

Back to the log ride we went…..



It Begins


So today it officially begins. again. but this time it’s really for real. Cause that time I was just kidding. But I remember all the things I learned back then and I’ll do better. I promise. This time there’s money involved. Money I will spend on clothes that are neither from high school nor maternity. Yep. Today ladies and gentlemen. It. Begins.

I’m going to grocery shop kid free and do meal prep. Not only for the baldman and I, but also for the kiddos. Cause the problem is, I don’t want to eat egg whites and healthy poo if they are having a corndog or delicious oven tacos (they are honest to goodness SO delicious and you can make 20+ at a time).  Plus, how sucky of a mom am I if I put super healthy food into my mouth and easy *processed crap into theirs?

*Side Note: oven tacos are NOT crap, but probably not a cleanse worthy meal. I make them with local grass-fed beef and shred lots of carrots and onions in the mix, also I use my own seasonings…no packets.

So today I will plan and prep meals fit for the ENTIRE family. Say a prayer for me. Send flowers. Take a moment of silence. Cause this momma is NO chef! I need 5’ish ingredients or less and they can not be intimidating. Also, that handful of ingredients need to come together in a simple and logical way. And what’s VERY important is the ingredient list must not ever include seafood, pork or that absolutely disgusting, no-excuse-for-meat, the-mooshiest-nastiest texture ever…GROUND TURKEY!

If you have something that you think would be fitting PLEASE share it in the comments!

I’ll also share that I plan on making these for quick breakfasts for the kids. I use our Bountiful Basket organic 5 grain bread, which really just makes it sweeter!

So I’m going to do my measurements today. Take bikini pics. Cry. Tell myself it’s not THAT bad, I’m just super white. Everyone looks fat and droopy whey they’re super white, right?  Right! See, I’m already half way there!

I’ll be 30 this year. Time to get my body back.  If you want some awesome sauce inspiration check out my little sister and mom of 2 on Instagram at FIT_ADVO_MOMMY   I love her, and am proud of her, but mostly fearful that she can beat me up now.

I’m not shooting for the moon yall. I just want my boobs and my stomach to not be such close friends, my thighs to not cheer for me every time I jog and for my control top camisole to not roll up to my face so quickly I feel like Wendy’s dad on Peter Pan.

That’s not too much to ask.

Oh what a night!


The hubs and I have been married for a little over 2 1/2 years and in this time I have been pregnant or nursing for 27 months! Due to a long and depressing story of sucky circumstances I am no longer able to nurse Charlie….but for kicks I just blame Obama. Why not, works for everything else!  So until very recently we haven’t been able to really enjoy a good date night together. If we could escape for a few hours, it typically turned into a quick dinner, a movie and a breastpump session in the car OR dinner and pregnancy induced heartburn for the rest of the night ORRRRR if no pump and no heartburn I probably was in a pissy mood from my forever out of whack hormones and the constant stares and comments from strangers about how “I must be having twins!”

So to say our date life has been lacking throughout our marriage is quite the understatement!

Well yesterday my favorite baldman texted me from work to say he scored some free OKC Thunder tickets if we could find a sitter.  I called and texted no less then 7 different friends and family members to see if they could possibly sit with the kiddos. Finally we scored with our friend’s daughter. YEAH!!! My kids are pretty chill but I know 3 kids with two in diapers can come off a little intimidating to a new sitter. But she came with her brave face and we were off!

First we went and enjoyed Happy Hour at Red Prime. I had a Katydid cocktail. You know those chocolate mints The Olive Garden gives you? Yea. Imagine that in liquid form with a slight kick. YUM! They provide a limo service down to the game so we felt all sorts of fancy. We get to the arena, run into some friends woo hoo, go up, up, and up to our seats…but to be honest there isn’t a bad seat in that place…we got settled in and it hit me. Mom guilt. I’m out having fun and my kids are at home. And is the sitter okay? I really hope she’s okay. I really hope she wants to keep babysitting for us. Eeek, I HAD TO check on them. Thank the Lord for text messaging! I was immediately assured that everything was running smoothly. And we were in the clear to take this selfie.

Side note:

My hairstylist, Erica Pariseau, would be SO proud of me for curling my hair. I NEVER curl my hair. I don’t know how. It scares me. My arms get tired. I swear they will fall from my body. The cord gets hooked on the drawer knob every 2 seconds! Once I finally finish and check in the mirror I realize that I missed a third of my head! But I did it. I powered through like any grown woman should. If she’s reading this, she’s smiling. If you’re reading this and don’t have a stylist you should definitely go see her at Hair Razor Designs!


After the game we met up with some of our uber cool friends. You know THOSE people. The ones that when you are feeling incredibly NOT hip you can call them and they will give you the rundown of all the places to be to get your “hipness” back. We decided to get a quick dessert with them before heading home. I was thinking Cold Stone, they suggested Vast.  I mean seriously, let that just roll off you tongue for a minute VAAaaasssttttt. My idea included 16 year olds in pink aprons and one of those UV light tanning bed boxes that kills (humanely I’m sure) bugs and is attached to the restaurant wall leaving you with the internal debate of whether or not you’re glad that it’s there.

There idea was called Vast. Enough said.

So we strolled over (in the car, don’t picture us actually strolling. and once we got there we more so had a seizure like reaction to the extreme cold and awkwardly skipped into the fanciest hotel lobby EVER). Then we walked into APO Headquarters the Devon Tower where I fully expected to be greeted by Sydney Bristow. We took the elevator 49 stories up and strolled into the swankiest lounge while looking like we surely had Groupons in our pockets.  We could only afford the coffee and dessert but it was so worth it to see this amazing view of our great city.


Not too shabby right?

Anyhow, we got back much later than intended. Came home to a quiet house full of sleeping children. Took the sitter home after paying her a random amount of money that seemed fair enough since she had to deal with a blow out diaper and we were later than expected. Maybe we were way off what we should pay…we have no clue, we’ve never done this before.

As we crawled into bed I got to thinking that this was honestly the best date we’ve been on in years. It was last minute and we had very little $$ to spend.

But it was perfect.

For Adam’s Christmas present this year, I gave him a jar full of fun and inexpensive dates for us. Here are some that you and your lovah can enjoy too!!

  • Feed the ducks at the park and enjoy donuts and mimosas for a morning date. *Note: this was actually one of our first dates and looking back we probably shouldn’t have made “mimosas to-go” and taken them to the public park with us… And yes, we still will absolutely do it again.
  • Enjoy rootbeer floats and drive dirt roads
  • Go wine tasting (obviously use a Groupon haha)
  • Have a Nerf water gun war in the yard. Then pick up Orange Leaf and eat it on the roof while watching the sunset.
  • Try sushi then play laser tag
  • Find another couple to play cards and enjoy sno-cones
  • Go to the Dollar store. Buy each other a surprise gift and each pick out a puzzle. Race each other putting the puzzles together.
  • Make homemade pizza, have some drinks, play some games (Twister anyone?)
  • Pick up take out then eat it out on a blanket outside while cloud watching.
  • Go to a local high school basketball game and devour some concession stand nachos!

Do it people. Get out there and love your lovah!

That’s totally normal, right?


Fed my family spaghetti last night. Though not real spaghetti because my Little Man has a sensitivity to red sauce….burns his little hiney-bo. So alfredo and chicken it was. I’ve been sick as a dog for 5 days but things are finally looking up. Howevah now the boys are all snot faced. yum.  Well I brought my Little Man out to the living room this morning and before I set him down he unleashed a series of sneezes onto the left side of my neck. You know, right where it was almost in the safe territory of landing on my (Adam’s) shirt….but mostly it spritzed just north of the collar and instead directly onto my skin. Since that wasn’t gross enough I look down to find the oddest snot ever. Like no…I’m serious…Ever. Grabbed the burp cloth to wipe his nose only to realize it was a noodle. I’m sorry, did you hear me? I said a NOODLE! 

Cause that’s totally normal, right?

On a side note, if you haven’t heard, I’m homeschooling the redhead these days for a plethora of reasons. She’s 7, she has freckles, she lives and breathes art and American Girl. Also, I overheard her say “Super fly, yo!” to her 19 month old brother this morning. I may have just failed the homeschool community.

They’ve grown up a bit since you saw them last.




Remember that one time, when I started a blog….


and then started that blog again….and then again I started that one blog…..
Well guess what?! I’m continuing from my last “start” and we’ll call this lost time an intentional break.

So um here’s my latest offspring.

Meet Sweet Charlie

Meet Sweet Charlie

Yep, had him natural. Best birth ever. Decided I wanted to become a doula. Became a doula. Realized I’m still chubby. Took the Advocare Challenge like a badass. Realized I’m NOT a badass. Celebrated finishing the cleanse with eating. Attended my first birth. It was a homebirth. It was AMAZING. Saw the pictures. Turns out I’m still chubby. Damnit. Going to do the cleanse again. Going to share the journey. Again.

Also starting the challenge of finding who I am as a wife. A mom. A doula. And the uber important stuff like… How I like my hair. Makeup. Overall style. Ya know, the biggies.
I’m done having babies (bittersweet) and am looking forward to a fresh new year growing in every way possible. Hoping that keeping this blog up to date is something I can achieve in this new year also.
So anywho, much love to you. If you enjoy the quick read please share the love with others.

Hey, hey, hey!!


I know you guys have been overwhelmed by my constant blogging, but what can I say… I am great at staying on the ball with stuff!

So quick catch up…

1.Um, never lost that baby weight.  Shock, awe, surprise!

2.Had to come up with a reason to stay chubby so I just went and got pregnant…AGAIN!

3. I am self diagnosing myself with Season Affect Disorder because when it’s cold and gross I become the most depressed and lazy person ever.

4.Spring is here! My Little Redhead is almost finished with 1st Grade, Little Man is nearly 1 (!!!!), my Hot Baldman has an awesome new job where he gets to spend more time with us, and I am now 6 months pregs with Sweet Baby #3.


Now that the weather is nice I have gotten a burst of energy and a need to be productive. I have used this energy to make the Baldman trim the tree out front, rake, fix the flower bed, move the furniture in three rooms, paint the sunroom, paint the living room and paint the entry/hallway, and lastly swap out our old school bed for a frame with some old shutters as a headboard. As you can obviously imagine… I. Am. Exhausted.

I have recently become addicted to our local facebook garage sale site. I found I can sell anything I pick up for $5 or less from Goodwill and Habitat Restore for at least $15 if I say it is “rustic.”  This extra $$ was used the other day to buy a nightstand for our room. Did you know that nightstands are friggin expensive? Well, they are! So for $25 with a drawer and cabinet I figured it was a good deal….it was ugly…but still a great

Ever since I single handedly watched my husband completely refinish my kitchen table and chairs, that I thought I could do on my own on a single afternoon, I’ve been feeling pretty confident in my


We had a handful of mostly-full spray paint cans in the garage. So, yesterday I decided to redo the nightstand while little man napped. Three cans (and three colors) later I realized I had exactly not enough paint in any can to cover the entire piece. photo

Since I had to get out of the house to make sure I arrived at Kaitlyn’s school Easter hunt exactly when it was over, I decided to run to Hobby Lobby.  When I got there I bought on complete impulse and ended up with a can of gray spray paint, two uber cheapie stencils, a small bottle of red paint, a $4 wreath (cause why not?), ribbon (to obviously go on the wreath), and three flowers (cause what’s a wreath without flowers).

The kids passed out from their Hobby Lobby high so I let them sleep in the van while I painted in the garage. photoNote: pregnant woman can do this so long as you hold your breathe, spraaaaay spray spraaaaay, then run to the edge of the garage gasping for air like a kid who swears they just stayed under water for 1,000 seconds!

Impromptu naptime was over in time to take Kaitlyn to dance class, meet a stranger at McDonalds to sell a table, then go with my lover and little man to the park to walk.  (I would like for you to envision that we go on walks regularly….I’d hate for you to know otherwise so we’ll just leave it at that.)

We finally got back home and I nearly pulled a muscle while asking the husband to carry the nightstand, paint, hardware, drill and a bowl of supper into the living room. But don’t worry he didn’t get too exhausted because I let him sit down for about 45 seconds before I remembered and asked for the next thing. I’m sweet like that.

I stenciled this little bird thing onto the sides of the nightstand, then these branches that cost about $1 on the front drawer. While that dried I grabbed the wreath and hung it on one of our guitar holders (perfection), wrapped the ribbon half-heartedly around it then shoved those three flowers on one side.

I am not crafty. I do not sew. I do not paint. I do not draw. I do not cook well. I obviously can’t blog consistently.

So imagine my surprise when I finished these afternoon projects and they turned out to not look too shabby. The hubs was shocked too. So here you go, proof that even a talentless, procrastinator can make things that others also find attractive.

photo photo










So here it is in the living room, then nestled over by my bed. My original idea before I did anything was to get a cheap nightstand and modge podge it with pictures of love. 🙂  Only thing is I didn’t expect this to actually turn out cute and pictures pasted to the top would look out of place. So I decided to just “fill” it with love instead. photo

Lastly, here is a picture of my finished wreath hanging from the shutters my luvah put up last weekend. photo