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That’s totally normal, right?


Fed my family spaghetti last night. Though not real spaghetti because my Little Man has a sensitivity to red sauce….burns his little hiney-bo. So alfredo and chicken it was. I’ve been sick as a dog for 5 days but things are finally looking up. Howevah now the boys are all snot faced. yum.  Well I brought my Little Man out to the living room this morning and before I set him down he unleashed a series of sneezes onto the left side of my neck. You know, right where it was almost in the safe territory of landing on my (Adam’s) shirt….but mostly it spritzed just north of the collar and instead directly onto my skin. Since that wasn’t gross enough I look down to find the oddest snot ever. Like no…I’m serious…Ever. Grabbed the burp cloth to wipe his nose only to realize it was a noodle. I’m sorry, did you hear me? I said a NOODLE! 

Cause that’s totally normal, right?

On a side note, if you haven’t heard, I’m homeschooling the redhead these days for a plethora of reasons. She’s 7, she has freckles, she lives and breathes art and American Girl. Also, I overheard her say “Super fly, yo!” to her 19 month old brother this morning. I may have just failed the homeschool community.

They’ve grown up a bit since you saw them last.